DECOUPLED MOLDING® Workshop: El Marques, Queretaro, 2019-05-28

Course Highlights

  • Machine qualification tests
    • Load sensitivity
    • Pressure response
    • Injection speed linearity
    • Dynamic Check Ring Repeatability Test
    • Clamp/Mold deflection study
  • Mold performance requirements and weakness identification
    • Pressure loss test
    • Perform a gate seal study to determine optimal hold time
    • Identify the cavity balance at all injection speeds
    • Create a temperature map of the mold
  • Validate machine and mold capabilities
  • Build and document a robust Decoupled process with the current machine and mold conditions


Course Prerequisites


Additional Information




El Marques, Queretaro

Dates May 28, 2019 – May 30, 2019