RJG Mold Smart™ 奖项

您的注塑成型企业是否致力于通过实施 RJG 解决方案为客户提供最优质的产品?我们希望有幸认识您!


关于 Mold Smart™ 奖项

Mold Smart™ 奖项旨在表彰全球各地注塑公司,他们通过实施各种 RJG 解决方案,致力于提高其产品、生活以及环境的质量。RJG 将为其在全球的每个地区颁发一个奖项:美国/加拿大、拉丁美洲、欧洲和亚洲。

全球各地区的获奖企业将于 2022 年 2 月公布。

谁有资格获得 Mold Smart™ 奖项?

获奖候选企业为 RJG 的忠实客户,他们长期采用 RJG 技术,参加培训和/或咨询,并将 RJG 技术集成到现行工艺流程及程序中。候选企业不断探索并致力于改进注塑成型产品,高度重视品质与效率。


  • 一只玻璃奖杯
  • 一个培训套餐名额,包含成型计算、注塑成型要点、系统注塑成型基本原理以及DECOUPLED MOLDING® 实操培训,或者在其工厂进行一次优惠额高达4,500美元的厂内培训活动。
  • 在您的企业网站上展示获奖徽章
  • 通过我们的社交渠道和网站开展企业宣传


只需要于 2021 年 12 月 31 日之前通过以下链接填写表格即可申请。


2021 Winners

North America Winner

Plastikos was founded in 1989 and offers a full suite of mold design, engineering, and fabrication along with sampling, advanced qualification, and production services. Plastikos is a world-class custom injection molder that continues to push the technical boundaries of the plastics industry. Committed to complex, tight tolerance applications, they bring together experts from multiple disciplines to deliver exceptional products, service and value on every project.

Asia Winner

Stoneridge, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of highly engineered electrical and electronic systems, components and modules, primarily for the automotive, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, agricultural and off-highway vehicle markets. Stoneridge is well-positioned to meet the global needs of the mobility industry, providing solutions that power vehicle intelligence, provide dramatic increases in fuel efficiency, reduce vehicle emissions, and improve safety and security for vehicles, cargo and drivers.

Latin America Winner

Coming Soon