TZER0™ is the Next Level of Systematic Molding

Would you like to reduce waste, save time, and create a better design for manufacturability (DFM) experience? Collaboration between design engineering and manufacturing has gotten less frequent as the two have diverged. Does this sound familiar? Getting all the elements right from design, material, machine performance, and process is a daunting task. RJG is not only the leader in systematic molding principles, but now offers a scientific DFM process. Typically, designs are created, plastic materials selected, tool material selected, a hot runner manufacturer selected, and the steel cut. The results are then passed to manufacturing to make parts. Transparency between all the departments and suppliers are lost in many cases.

Our unique approach provides a framework for collaboration between engineering and manufacturing in review of part design and simulating, educating, optimizing, and assessing the mold development process to avoid molding uncertainties and resolve existing injection molding problems. Getting the inputs right the first time with scientific outputs for the injection molder and a documented recipe for launching a new mold effectively is now possible. Hope is no longer the necessary strategy when the mold is launched the first time. RJG also provides exclusive, value-added services, personal instruction, training, and consulting to sustain the entire end-to-end process. We will be using the latest tools and training to support this new business. Contact us for details.