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Art 对 Injection Molders 的技术建议

Art 自 1989 年起,就不断地在 RJG 将想法转化为现实。现在身为 RJG 的总工程师, Art 致力于同他人分享自己丰富的知识并帮助铸工避免常见的缺陷。他现在仍继续代表公司研究未来应用程序。他所有有关注塑的百科知识使得 Art 成为一个巨大的技术信息资源。您可以订阅 Art 的建议并搜索我们的知识库寻找您感兴趣的信息。

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Tip of the Day 185: Sensor Placement: “Put the Bandage where it Hurts” †

When I was working with a customer on a part similar to that in tip #183 we were planning sensor locations. Of course we jumped first on the idea of last place to fill. As would seem logical we thought, “To find a short shot, put the sensor where the flow fronts join...