Machine Maintenance Workshop


Ensure your machine reaches your expected performance!

This three-day course is designed for machine maintenance personnel responsible for upkeep, troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance of injection molding machines and ancillary equipment. It is common in the industry that maintenance personnel are not trained to recognize how machine performance affects final part quality. The performance of the press is critical to a molder’s ability to deliver consistent parts. Maintenance personnel must understand how to identify and fix press performance concerns in order to optimize press tuning.


  • Screw and barrel measurement and documentation
  • Screw and barrel wear evaluation
  • Platen parallelism
  • Hydraulic systems: closed and open loop systems, variable displacement pumps, and proportional valves
  • Electric machines: servo and frequency drives
  • Testing for proper material dryer operation
  • Proper sizing of plant cooling system

Upon completion of this course, personnel should be able to conduct and evaluate the test procedures in the above. In addition to the tests performed the knowledge gained in the class will assist the student in finding root cause for poor machine performance.

Participants will be able to effectively communicate with production personnel in regards to machine maintenance issues and their impact on process repeatability and part quality.

Maintenance personnel will be able to evaluate machine capability in the following areas:

  • Load sensitivity
  • Velocity linearity,
  • Dynamic check ring repeatability
  • Static barrel and check ring repeatability
  • Hydraulic pressure response
  • Pressure linearity.

Course Length: 3 days


Public Classes – No prerequisite

In-Plant Classes – A functioning eDART System running Version 9 software must be available for use during the class. (Arrangements can be made for RJG to provide an eDART, but this must be prearranged with the trainer in advance)

Start DateEnd Date名称语言位置Open Seats价格
2022/12/312022/12/31Meet Your CoPilot$0.00Register
2022/10/042022/10/04Curve Interpretation5+415.00Register
2022/10/182022/10/20Design for Manufacture5+£1,060.00Register
2022/11/012022/11/03eDART® Training$1,145.00Register
2022/12/312022/12/31Essentials of Injection Molding$845.00Register
2022/10/032022/10/06Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding$2,045.00Register
2023/01/102023/01/13Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding$2,045.00Register
2022/10/102022/10/13Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding5+1,465.00Register
2022/10/172022/10/20Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding5+1,465.00Register
2022/12/122022/12/15Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding5+1,465.00Register
2022/11/012022/11/04Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding0$2,045.00

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2022/10/312022/11/03Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding5+£1,415.00Register
2022/10/252022/10/28Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding0$2,045.00

Class is FULL
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2023/02/072023/02/10Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding5+$2,045.00Register
2022/11/142022/11/17High Performance Moulding5+£1,625.00Register
2023/02/132023/02/24Master Molder® I$4,045.00Register
2022/11/072022/11/18Master Molder® I0$4,045.00

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2022/12/122022/12/22Master Molder® I0$4,045.00

Class is FULL
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2022/11/142022/11/25Master Molder® I24,055.00Register
2022/12/052022/12/16Master Molder® I0$4,045.00

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2023/01/162023/01/27Master Molder® I5+$4,045.00Register
2023/02/202023/03/03Master Molder® I5+$4,045.00Register
2022/10/102022/10/21Master Molder® I5£3,025.00Register
2022/10/312022/11/11Master Molder® I0$4,045.00

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2022/12/052022/12/16Master Molder® I2$4,045.00Register
2023/01/232023/02/03Master Molder® I5+$4,045.00Register
2023/01/232023/02/03Master Molder® II$4,445.00Register
2022/10/032022/10/14Master Molder® II3$4,445.00Register
2023/01/092023/01/20Master Molder® II5+$4,445.00Register
2022/12/312022/12/31Math for Molders$445.00Register
2022/12/312022/12/31Math for Molders$445.00Register
2022/12/312022/12/31Math for Molders$445.00Register
2022/10/252022/10/27Module 1 - Melt Preparation and Plasticisation5£1,220.00Register
2022/11/082022/11/10Module 2 - Process Control5+£1,220.00Register
2022/12/132022/12/15Mold Design for Injection Molding5+£1,010.00Register
2022/12/122022/12/16Online Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding5+£1,225.00Register
2022/11/142022/11/18Online Fundamentals of Systematic Injection Molding5+$2,045.00Register
2022/10/242022/10/24Online Introduction to Injection Moulding5+£700.00Register
2022/11/222022/11/24Part Design for Injection Molding5+£1,125.00Register
2022/11/152022/11/17Part Design for Injection Molding5$1,945.00Register
2022/09/272022/09/29RJG Qualified Trainer Forum5+$2,045.00Register
2023/05/092023/05/10Smartflow® Scientific Cooling Course5+$1,245.00Register
2022/10/252022/10/27Systematic Molding for Liquid Silicone Rubber1$1,545.00Register
2022/10/052022/10/06Systematic Molding for Professionals5+1,030.00Register
2022/12/062022/12/08Systematic Molding5+1,150.00Register
2022/11/072022/11/18Train the Trainer Qualification0$12,745.00

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